“Offerings to the Keepers Wife”

I am currently undertaking a project as part of the Craft Victoria – Craft Cubed 2013 event in August titled “offerings to the keepers wife”.
I will be documenting this project via a ‘daily blog’ attached to this site, which will run from August 26th – 30th 2013.

You can access this ‘journal’ by visiting the projects page and hovering over the little ‘arrow’ to bring up the daily posts.


Offerings to the keeper’s wife… My idea came about from years of walking around Griffiths Island in my hometown of Port Fairy and my obsession with the ‘lighthouse keepers cottage’. The cottage was demolished in the 1950′s and all that remains today are remnants of pathways and the garden. I find this ‘relic’ of vacant land intriguing, and  my thoughts often drift back to what it must have been like to have lived out here……to have been a woman raising a family in the mid 1800′s. Through research with the Port Fairy Historical Society I have discovered copies of a personal journal kept by the second lighthouse keeper, Thomas Pearson, written between 1855 – 1859 and the Log of the Harbour Light Port Fairy 1859 -1865. It was through Thomas’s writing that I gained some insight into what life must have been like on the Island for his wife Jane and their children.

My ‘musings’ have led me to create pieces of ‘jewellery’…….offerings to Jane…..the keepers wife!

26 – 30 Aug 2013
‘brief’ daily (public installation)

Port Fairy Lighthouse.