Heather and Oriel portraits

Oriel @orielglennen









Portrait of @orielglennen by @woundedgeneral 


Heather Pratt

“Thankyou for this project!I feel so inspired and connected to you and the other two ladies! So incredible to feel a thread of inspiration wrapping around the globe. This was the feel I wanted to capture in your portrait. I thought about you Oriel, first as a solitary artist, highlighting the beauty of nature, taking inspiration from the simplest stone. And then, I also see you standing at the edge of the sea and sending out a net of luminous inspiration, ephemeral yet strong, wearing a crown of flowers and, of course, Eucalyptus. I was worried about painting your face, a face I have not seen in person, so I just let my sketching find a face for me. And I was happy with it. I listened to a lot of Neko Case’s music while painting your portrait, she seemed to me strong and beautiful and inspiring, and that was what, I wanted to capture”…..Heather


'she of the wounded general'









Portrait of @woundedgeneral by @orielglennen 

Watercolour, Gouache, Ink and Gold Leaf

21.5 x 15cm

Oriel Glennen

“Well here she is….’she of the wounded general’!

So where do I begin……It was the name that grabbed me first, ‘wounded general’…..what was the meaning?….and then, her amazing art, beautiful technique with watercolour. I love the ‘story’ she speaks through brush and paint.

This portrait is a response to all that Heathers’ art brings forth for me. I am put in mind of another era; medieval, ‘Byzantine…ish’ in technique. This woman is dressed in a generals jacket; she is tall and slender, as I see most of Heathers paintings….sweeping, long figures. Her face is solemn, wise, timeless, serious but gentle. The plait…..referencing ‘feminine’ spirit and the indigenous people of the land, a balance of sorts to the ‘general’, my thoughts take me to the battle of ‘wounded knee’….I so wanted to put a feather in here somewhere. And lastly, the earrings…..honestly, no reason…..they just needed to be there”!……..Oriel