Maria and Oriel portraits



portrait of @orielglennen by @ariaharry 

Lead pencil

Measures 28 x 29cm

Maria E Harrysson

This is my portrait of Oriel Glennen.Gumleaves dancing to music by strong winds, like her lifting stones. Her hands take part netting stones in this nature hideout, where the treasures come to live when she walks by. An opening to the dreams over the big seas. This is how I ‘see’ Oriel and her mind”. “Mine and Oriels’ worlds of object, often meet and therefor, this also became a part of my world as well…….an unexpected joy when doing this. But now it’s totally obvious to me why we ‘found’ each other living on each side of the globe. I used an expression that for me has a history of telling love for all natures treasures“…….Maria


Maria @ariaharry









Portrait of @ariaharry by @orielglennen

Watercolour, Gouache, Ink and Gold leaf

30 x 21cm

Oriel Glennen

Here is my portrait of Maria. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this lady from the Nordic lands across the sea. Maria was one of the first artists I followed on IG. I was fascinated and remain so, with the symbolism I see in her art and I love that she uses the ‘branch’ symbol throughout……so very unique yet so very apt considering where she lives……..puts me in mind of Runic symbols and antlers! Through following her posts, conversing over language barriers, and developing a creative understanding of each other’s process……I believe Maria and I now ‘know’ each other! This portrait is of a woman who is connected deeply to nature; who finds strength, solace and inspiration from the land of her birth; a woman who ‘sees’ the seasons from without and within; a woman with whom I have found a ‘kindred spirit’……..our respect for natures treasures, a connection that reaches across the sea“……..Oriel