Social Media has introduced us to a world of people at the press of a button.

Instagram has particularly given ‘makers’ the opportunity to ‘meet’ a ‘like minded’ community through a visual, documented, daily feed.


Artist Oriel Glennen presents an interactive online project as part of Craft Cubed 2014 –Unknown User Project

Oriel Glennen has ‘met’ makers from across the globe and through ‘following’, has developed some interesting, creative friendships.

A jeweller from San Francisco; a contemporary artist from Sweden and a visual artist from California…….together these four ‘unkown users’ will create portraits of each other based on the images in each others ‘feeds’.

Without having physically met, each maker will develop a work based purely on ‘how they know this person’ through following each others Instagram profile. This process will be documented through a ‘new’ Instagram account specific to the exhibition titled ‘unknown user’.

Via Instagram: