Day five

August 30th, 2013

‘an offering for Emma’

The lighthouse was built in 1859 and was lit for the very first time on September 1st, the same year. The light source was an oil lamp and the light worked on an optical system which rotated, in order to flash the identification code – flash for one second, eclipsed for two seconds, flash for one second then eclipsed for six seconds; a 10 second cycle which is repeated continuously. Today, the lighthouse is run by Solar power.

The Island was originally made up of a ‘cluster’ of 3 separate Island’s, each accessed by boat. Native wildlife was abundant and Thomas Pearson recorded a lot of information regarding the animals which inhabited the Island throughout the years he lived there. He was particularly ‘fond’ of the emu’s and appeared to make an extra income through his endeavours with ‘trade’ of the various native wildlife on the Island.

Thomas wrote:

November 13th,1863 - Copy of a letter received from the Acclimatisation Society.


Your interesting letter of the 2nd, was duly laid before the council of the Acclimatisation Society at the meeting held yesterday, and i am instructed to request that you will kindly inform me of more particulars viz., as to how you set the hen bird, how old she is, the size of the place where you keep her, the time she sat on the eggs etc.

The Council will be very glad to get the Emus if they are young, if you can say what you would like in exchange, possibly a pair or two of the silver grey ‘rabbits’ would form a very valuable warren on the Island you mention.

Waiting your reply, i am your most obediently,

G. Sprigg

Emma was the youngest of the 3 daughters born to Jane and Thomas…….my last offering is to her.

Day 5 offering:

Lighthouse steps








‘sea urchin’ necklace for Emma

Sterling silver bead, button and crochet cotton