Day four

August 29th, 2013

‘an offering for Mrs Stevens’

It took two people to ‘run the light’….the lighthouse keeper and the assistant keeper. Thomas’s assistant was referred to as ‘Mr Stevens’ in his journals. The job of attending the light was done in shifts, days and nights doing what needed to be done in the ‘keeping of the light’.

Thomas wrote:

April 7th, 1862Employed cleaning the light House flue, the damper broke had it repaired and made all ready for Lighting. The assistant, in taking down one of the red glass panes, broke one of the panes against the corner of pedestal, put another one in and made all right for the ensuing night.

April 8th, 1862 - Went over saw Capt. Mills reported broken Damper and pane of glass.

Unfortunately, at this time i am unable to find Mrs Stevens name in the records i’ve been using as my resource. Again, the hardship for these women and the loss of children must have been commonplace.

Feb 16th, 1863Mrs Stevens took bad last night and has been very ever since, the Dr. and my wife are with her.

Feb 17th, 1863 – Mrs Stevens was confined of a still born child, I went over for Dr. Atkinson as Dr. Barlos had to go home, Mrs S. still keeps very ill.

Feb 18th, 1863 – Had to go for the Dr. last night and then had to go back for 30 leeches as the Dr. is afraid of inflammation.

Tiny crochet earrings, not unlike the seaweed washed up daily and red glass beads………a broken pane of glass and a broken heart!

Day four offering:

Lighthouse steps









Earrings for Mrs Stevens.

Crochet cotton, ruby glass beads and sterling silver.