Day three

August 28th, 2013

‘an offering from the sea’ – Primrose

Griffiths Island sits on the edge of the ‘great southern ocean’ exposed to all weather conditions and the land is bordered by dark, heavy, bluestone………washed and tumbled by consistent wave motion.

The wind and salt spray would have been ever present…… daily tasks of washing, gardening and even venturing outside with small children, in a climate such as this, would have at times, i’m sure…..taken it’s tole!

Thomas wrote:

July 6th, 1863 - ¬†Wind veered round from N.W. to S.W. and blew a hurricane….never saw such a heavy sea on here, so heavy it washed our road away leading down to the lighthouse.


All supplies to the keeper and his wife, had to be delivered via boat from the mainland, even wood for cooking and heating, as there was no timber on the Island.

“Dear Jane,

A picnic on the beach with the children, my how they’ve grown……and what a lovely day we had……no wind, no rain, just sunshine… still, you could here ‘voices’ over on the mainland.

I’ve kept this lovely, smooth rock that Primrose found and gave to me…….a gift she said……brought forth from the sea”!

Day 3 offering:

Lighthouse steps









Crochet cuff for Primrose

Ocean tumbled stone, driftwood and crochet cotton.