Day two

August 27th, 2013…..

‘an offering for Jane’

Jane Pearson nee Strachan, married Thomas in 1854 and together, in 1855, came to Port Fairy.

In July, 1859 they moved into light house keepers quarters and lived on the Island for the next 13 years. Jane had 9 children; 3 daughters and 6 sons.

Todays offering is a ring made from a small bone china shard; sterling silver and a tiny piece of bone.

“Dear Jane,

I was very saddened to hear of the loss of your daughter to Scarlet fever but even more saddened by the thought that during your daughters final hours, you were most likely labouring hard to bring forth another child into the world.

This offering i have made for you is from a tiny shard of perhaps, your favourite tea cup……the one you may have dropped after being told of your daughters passing…….bone china, shattering into tiny pieces on a flagstone floor…..did you reach down and pick up this shard?

Months later, did you find that you still carried this ‘one’ precious shard and in times of great sadness, held it tight in your hand, so tiny and blue……… as blue as your Sarah’s eyes”!

Day two offering:

Lighthouse steps









a ring for Jane

blue ‘found’ bone china shard; sterling silver and bone

Sarah's ringSarah's ringSarah's ring